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20/20 Counseling

“When we can't change our circumstances, we climb to the top of the mountain and change our perspective.” - Unknown

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Elainejenn 20/20 Counseling


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Let Us Work Through Your Problems Together

Are you exhausted, scared, frustrated, overwhelmed, or confused about life’s next steps? Maybe you are grappling with how to overcome the end of a relationship or looking to mend one? Are you going through a divorce or trying to prevent one? Are you struggling with addiction, life transitions, career dilemmas, parenting issues, or family changes?

I use a dynamic approach to counseling incorporating years of training in multiple therapeutic approaches, as well as my own life experiences in relationships and raising two children alone, experiences from life coaching, my years of experience as a cycling coach and racer, triathlete, avid runner, plus my 27+ years in education.

20/20 Counseling is here to help you gain a clearer vision of your life goals.  Clarity with compassion. 

Jennifer Kepke, M.Ed., LPC

Born in Germany to a military family, I traveled the world with my parents and then later on my own. I’ve had an adventuresome life that includes travel, sky-diving, bicycle racing, yoga instruction, and coaching indoor cycling. In my spare time, I enjoy training for marathons, exercise, traveling, and yoga.  I have two college-age children, who I raised as a single mom. I understand the challenges and struggles of single parenting.

I served in the United States Navy Reserves as a journalist just until the September 11th terrorist attacks. My counseling journey began in the world of education. For several years, I worked at a local Children’s Advocacy center providing trauma-focused therapy to families, children, and adolescents who survived sexual abuse. I also worked as a crisis counselor for two years at a large Texas high school before moving into private practice.  In private practice I have helped a wide range of individuals and families with issues ranging from personality disorders, dissociation, relationships, divorce, addictions, life changes, and career challenges, to name a few.

I have been a counselor for four years and was part of the public school system for 27 years.  I am fueled by my passion for assisting clients and their families.

I believe that most of us go through life accumulating small and large losses that we never properly grieve. In time, these losses add up and resurface because of some event in the present, often leaving us feeling confused, afraid, and alone. 

● In-Office and Telehealth Appointments

● Insurance Accepted: BCBS/Cigna/United Healthcare

● A SonderMind Provider

Find Clarity through the Storm.

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